Instructional Design

Instructions We interact with instructions throughout our daily life, form making food, buying tickets or installing a toner on a printer. Visual Instruction, simplistic, no dialogue, potentially useless. Requires interpretation. In this example the reader has to be able to hold a lot of memory, marrying the text with the image which could get lost. […]

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Design Patterns

From mobile, tablet to desktop there are many different design patterns that can be used, whilst any could be used there are some that are more suitable than others. Starting from mobile: Designing from a small screen means you are forced to prioritize, choose and alter our mental structure. Hamburger The hamburger icon is a […]

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Process + Context

Part One: Design Process Overview Idea: The thing that is yet to exist to be created. Metaphor: What it is like, comparison other things. Model: A physical from for the idea, or (digital), not completely realised. Reproduction: Another model, if there are errors, improvements are made. Error: Can occur at any stage, try find it […]

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Interactive Design

“Everything from a button to a link is part of interactive design, more than static.” Bill Verplank – Interaction Design How do you do: (How do you affect the world) Handle – Continuous Control Button – Discreet Control How do you feel: (How to get feedback) Fuzzy or cool media (Early Television) draws you in. […]

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