Interactive Design

“Everything from a button to a link is part of interactive design, more than static.”

Bill Verplank – Interaction Design

How do you do: (How do you affect the world)

Handle – Continuous Control

Button – Discreet Control

How do you feel: (How to get feedback)

Fuzzy or cool media (Early Television) draws you in.

Hot and distinct (Book or Gravestone) unchangeable.

How do you know: (What do we expect the user to know)

Need a map?

Step by step process guide?


Interaction design: “Designing interactive products to support people in their everyday and working lives” – Sharp, Rogers and Preece, (2002) Interaction Design, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York, NY, USA.

Interactivity: Wants needs and desire’s affect our response towards an engagement with anything or anyone.

Interaction can be passive, or engaging, Eg. Vending machine, Book, Conversation.


Data: Research, Creation, Gathering, Discovery.

Information: Presentation, Organization.

Knowledge: Conversation, Storytelling.

Wisdom: Contemplation, Evaluation, Interpretation, Retrospection.





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