Instructional Design


  • We interact with instructions throughout our daily life, form making food, buying tickets or installing a toner on a printer.
  • Visual Instruction, simplistic, no dialogue, potentially useless. Requires interpretation.


In this example the reader has to be able to hold a lot of memory, marrying the text with the image which could get lost.


In the redesign, text is integrated with the diagram being read better.

How to make it interactive:

  • Instruction through clicking buttons
  • Conversation, going back and forth through dialog
  • Manipulation, allowing the use of dragging and dropping, changing the structure of limited space
  • Exploration is open, playful, game like and can be incredibly engaging. Have an objective, or interesting cast of characters.

Challenges of working with an interactive medium:

  • Limited screen area
  • Limited resolution

Opportunities of working with an interactive medium:

  • Time
  • Layering

Think about what your users want, put yourself in the shoes of the user and think about how the instruction will be read, or how it will be interacted with.



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